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Continuing the tradition of balloon rides over Albuquerque, World Balloon® is celebrating it's 41st continuous year in business. We are proud of our impeccable safety record and the fact that we are the Southwest's original and premier balloon company for scenic balloon rides in Albuquerque.

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If your travel plans include Albuquerque,
a hot air balloon ride is a must!

Ballooning in AlbuquerqueThe city of Albuquerque has the distinction of being "The Balloon Capital of the World", because of the beautiful flying conditions, being home to over 300 balloon pilots, and hosting the largest balloon event anywhere. Every October, for nine days, over 800 balloons fill the sky during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta®. In fact, the founder of World Balloon, Sid Cutter, was also the founder of the Fiesta!

Missing a balloon flight in Albuquerque would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower

With all of the ballooning activity in Albuquerque you have several balloon ride companies to choose from, and you should go with whichever company makes you feel most at ease. We think our perfect safety record will put you at ease.

Before you buy...

You will hear all kinds of crazy things when you start shopping for a balloon ride. Some of the things we hear that are shared with potential guests are just completely wrong, some are bold faced lies, and some of the stuff is just downright comical. Our view has always been that part of our responsibility is to educate anyone who is looking for a balloon ride, and help them make an educated and informed decision on who to fly with, even if they don't in the end choose us.

Here are the facts:

Some things to watch out for:

Your safety and the quality of your experience should be more important than saving $10 or $20 per person.

We know you may find cheaper, but rest assured, you will not find a company more focused on your safety and the quality of your Hot Air Ballooning Experience than World Balloon®!

Albuquerque's Original Balloon Ride